Burghard Design Group Architects, INC.

Design Approach

Total Design Concept

BDG’s professional practice is firmly dedicated to a total design concept. This commitment requires the coordination and integration of many diverse and specialized skills to direct the planning process toward optimum design solutions. Design is very subjective and the beauty of any design is really in the eyes of the beholder. If the same program requirements were given to 10 different designers, the final product would result in 10 different design solutions.

What makes design aesthetically pleasing is a balance of many factors such as proportions, massing, color and the use of the right materials. More importantly, a good design is the result of a forward thinking team that is not afraid to work outside the lines of tradition and who are willing to consider new ideas. The old adage “Form follows Function” should not be overlooked and cannot be overstated. Well defined and detailed program requirements are imperative. The extra time spent during the programming phase will reap tremendous rewards and promote a design that not only looks good but also performs well. Flow and functions should not be compromised at the expense of making a design statement but should rather be an integral and complimentary component. The true test of good design is the satisfaction of the user.

Good design however, goes well beyond the obvious. It is not just what is seen but also what is unseen. Building systems are the backbone of the overall design process and must consider Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED). Design criteria such as Sustainability; Innovation & Design Process; Materials & Resources; Indoor Environmental Quality; Water Efficiency; and Energy & Atmosphere need to be the objectives of responsible architecture.

Equally important is the selection of the right technical personnel and team leader. Collectively, they will facilitate the decision-making process, reduce cost, eliminate duplication of effort, produce well-coordinated contract documents and ensure an orderly sequence of construction. This coordination and integration of the interdisciplinary design effort, which includes the Client as a valued member of the design team, works to produce an architectural environment of the highest quality. Our design team works with you to develop cohesive site and building designs that are aesthetically pleasing and responsive to program requirements. First and foremost is establishing an open line of communication between the client and key members of the design team. Carefully evaluated criteria and objectives are absolutely essential to securing a solid foundation for design. Steadfast project management will correctly drive the design process and keep the focus where it needs to be.


Our primary goal and objective has always been to listen to the needs of the client and to provide a level of service not easily found in today’s business climate. At BDG, we take pride in what we do. Strong leadership and a “mindset” to do it right the first time has become the hallmark of our practice. One of the key factors contributing to the growth and success of BDG has been principal involvement. As such, a willingness to stand behind our work is at the forefront of our business relationships. Our “no-nonsense, lets-get-it-done” approach is one of the reasons for the high percentage of repeat business. We are large enough to be trusted with multi-million dollar projects, yet small enough to provide the personal attention so vital in the successful completion of any project.

Our involvement however, doesn’t stop at completion of design. We are as much at home at the jobsite as we are in the office. Our ability to establish good working relationships and open lines of communication with contractors has been one of the key factors in keeping the project focused, on schedule and within budget. At the onset of a project, the entire project team is briefed on specific requirements, schedules and budgets. It is also our intention to represent the client’s best interests during the bidding, negotiation and construction phases and work closely with contractors to assure that construction complies with design intent and that the finished product is one we can both be proud of.

Quality Assurance

At BDG, we take all projects very seriously regardless of size. We understand the critical nature of providing a product that not only satisfies the program requirements but also functions well. Contract documents for all disciplines are reviewed by the principal at various stages of production for conformance with project standards and requirements, code compliance and constructability. Before documents are ever issued for bid, they receive one final coordination review to eliminate any glaring holes and to minimize the potential for project delays and reasons for construction change orders.

Cost Control

Developing the project within appropriate budgets is important to us. Given the increased sensitivity to operational profitability, budget adherence is typically a high priority. Projects can be designed within budgets by careful up-front planning and regular review of project progress and design criteria. We also understand the importance of life cycle costing and selecting appropriate building systems that lend the greatest degree of flexibility and functionality. Adjustments on paper before final regulatory review and construction are most effective in managing the desired results.

Our Promise

At Burghard Design Group we earn your trust every day, whether it is honoring a commitment, meeting the schedule or simply returning a phone call. For us, architecture is as much about building long term business relationships with our clients as it is about problem solving. This can only be accomplished when there is an established level of trust and confidence. Perhaps this is why the majority of our work is repeat business from satisfied clients. Performance is not just a goal; it has become the focus of our practice. This is our promise to you.

From Our Clients

"From the initial design to the management of the Contractor bidding process to Construction Administration, Al has provided outstanding quality and service to us"
– Mark Nilsen, Practice Administrator, Inland Eye Specialists

"With regard to Master Planning the Site and Shell & Core, Al has an intuitive sense of layout, traffic flow, curb appeal, functionality and symmetry"
– Edward Anderson, Managing Partner, Medical Real Estate Development Co.